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When it comes to protecting your personal information whilst browsing the web, you most likely have an antivirus program on your computer or tablet already. However, have you considered that your mobile devices also need protection? After all, we use our smartphones for just about everything in today’s day in age. When it comes to finding an excellent antivirus protection tool for your mobile device, there are many options out there but only one that is highly rated and reviewed. Take a look below at what this free downloadable app can do for your mobile device protection.

No Matter Where You Are, You’re Protected

With a mobile antivirus protection installed on your phone or tablet, you are protected no matter where you are, even if you are separated from your device. For example, if you misplace your device you can easily lock out anyone who would want to do you harm by using the Antivirus app from a computer or other device. This helps you to keep your information from being compromised and will deter a thief from trying to use your device or getting access to your private information.

Upgrade Security

While you may already have a passcode to get into your phone set up, you can increase your Android security with this free downloadable app. Not only can you keep someone from getting into your phone, it has the capabilities to turn on your camera and see who may have your phone in their possession. This is very useful in helping you to get your phone back. Not only will the app lock your phone from someone trying to unlock it, the App will also snap a photo of the person and email it to you after three failed login attempts.

If you do not already have security or antivirus protection on your Android device, it is very important that you do it sooner rather than later. If a hacker breaches your smartphone he can also access your other devices that are linked to it and even your personal networks information. Be sure to get one of the most highly reviewed antivirus applications by checking out the app brought to you by AVG, found in the Google Play store. This app can assist you in making sure your phone or tablet is protected at all times. When you download the app for free, a 30-day trial of the Pro version is available to you as well which has a ton of amazing features.

Tom Parillo

Tom Parillo

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