History of CSGO: Game That Shaped the Future of Multiplayer FPS (Infographic)

Here’s a fun guessing game for you — what can one man do from the comforts of his dorm room?

If you’re like most of us, you would probably name several things like study, hang out with girls, drink and have fun. Well, how about creating the most played multiplayer FPS ever, in between the classes?

That is exactly what Minh Lee, an aspiring Canadian developer, did in his last semester. About six months after the release of Half Life (Counter Strike’s predecessor) Lee realized that he would love to create a mod for the game, using an SDK that was publicly available. He applied his previous experience in developing a specific Quake mod called Navy Seals, and worked 20+ hours a week to put his original idea into reality.

However, what came out of that dorm room in 1998 was, simply put, pure gaming bliss. The first beta of Counter Strike was born.

It took five more beta versions for the new mod to gain a life on its own. The support from the community propelled it to completely new heights, which came as a big surprise for Lee. Valve, being opportunistic as they are, quickly realized that this guy made something special.

They instantly purchased the rights to Counter Strike from Lee and his partner and turned one man’s dream into entertainment for millions. In 2017, there are more than 10 million players that play Counter Strike Global Offensive each month. What’s even more amazing is that there are still thousands of people who play it’s previous versions.

To pay an homage to one of the most favorite games ever, Gamopo created an infographic that takes us from point zero to point 10 million a month. Let’s jump right in.
History of Counter Strike - Infographicgamopo.com

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