Hootsuite Now with App Support

I love using Hootsuite to manage all of my social media accounts which include Twitter accounts (3 of them), Facebook and fanpages (3 of them), LinkedIn and LinkedIn Groups and more.


Hootsuite recently announced app integrations and I use GetSatisfaction quite often to open questions or feature requests to Izea and Livefyre mostly, now with Hootsuite and GetSatisfaction integration I can keep track of my cases for specific products and help engage companies to provide feedback and reports to products quicker.


To add an app you simply go to the Tools > App Directory and select the application you want to add, this includes YouTube where you can watch and track specific Channels including your own.


GetSatisfaction, Flickr, Tumblr and YouTube were the only 4 apps available at this time, but hey this is a great addition to an already AWESOME social media management tool.

Hootsuite is the ultimate social media management tool and the new app integrations make it just that much more valuable at keeping track of branding, reputations and communicating over various social media or application platforms.

When using Hootsuite I tend to group tabs together, such as having various columns/streams for WordPress groups in one tab, several different Facebook groups in another tab…etc.  I can virtually manage all of my social media communications from 1 application.  I even did a video demonstration on how you can turn Hootsuite into a Desktop Application with Google Chrome here:



The only social media you can’t manage with Hootsuite yet as a regular user is Google+ and hopefully that will start coming to the masses soon.

Hootsuite has a limitation on how many social media accounts you can connect with their free plan, but the Hootsuite pro membership is a great deal and well worth it if you are heavily vested in social media and communicate as much as I do.

-Dragon Blogger

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