Hootsuite Now with AutoScheduling

One of my favorite social media tools Hootsuite now has an Auto Scheduling feature which recently rolled out.  This feature now will automatically queue your tweets for predetermined intervals instead of forcing you to manually select a date/time for them to go out or be stuck posting immediately.

Here is a video tutorial showing you how it works:


Enabling Hootsuite AutoScheduling

To enable Auto Scheduling, just log into your Hootsuite Dashboard


Click AutoSchedule to On.

Now, whenever you post a message it will automatically be scheduled to publish at set intervals.  (Looks like 2 hours is the default gap between posts).


Hootsuite Bookmarklet

With AutoScheduling now Hootsuite can function like BufferApp int hat with the Hootsuite Bookmarklet you can easily and instantly share any post or page that you like across your Social Networks and let it AutoSchedule.  Hootsuite allows you to share across any number of your networks including Google+ Business Page as well.


The one negative is I post a lot of manual conversations on Twitter, I wish I could have a separate feature to allow the Bookmarklet be AutoScheduling but the main Hootsuite Dashboard be setup for manual posting.  Because when I converse with people I don’t want to AutoSchedule, but I like to AutoSchedule the posts/pages and links I read and share online.

If you don’t use Hootsuite for your Social Media strategy, you should be looking into it, this is one of the best social media tools I have ever used.

-Justin Germino

Update:  I can’t really figure out what algorithm it is using for AutoScheduling, it seems like some are 2 hour gaps, others are 50 minutes.  It must be using a logic to determine your peak interaction times based on history or something.

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