How Long-form Content Can Help Your Content Marketing Strategy


Customers are looking for reassurance from your brand and when they visit your website they are seeking valid and authentic information to help solve a problem they face or a need to be satisfied.

It is here that long-form content can interest your customers because you have more opportunity to address their concerns and suggest solutions.

Customers do look at content because they need information and if the content is something that interests them it is more likely they will want it to be long-form content.

They feel that short-form content may not serve the required purpose as well as long-form content. The advantage with long-form content is that all the information is made available at once without the reader resorting to multiple searches and clicks.

The advantages of making long-form content as an important part of your content marketing strategy are as follows:

You have more words to be lucid

With more words to play you can take your readers through the content logically explaining each and every aspect clearly for readers to easily comprehend what you are communicating. This can build a better rapport with your brand.

Readers can spend more time on your website

Longer the content that interests the readers the longer they spend time on the website. If you write descriptive Meta tags and long-tail keywords, there is a higher probability of readers clicking-through these thereby increasing the click-through rate.

You can build stronger relationship, trust and engagement

If your reader spends more time and assimilates the information you have provided it leads to building stronger relationships, trust and engagement because you are able to explain more things and take the reader through all that you want to say.

You get more traffic

The long-form content allows you to include lots of internal links. Coupled with its ability to earn quality backlinks the long-form content drives more traffic.

You can build organic links

If your content is long-form you have a higher probability of being considered authoritative and well researched and therefore more chances for your content to provide backlinks. Long-form content is one good way of organic link building.

You can add more keywords

When you use long-form content you can add more keywords. This can help you to obtain ranking for multiple keywords. It can also motivate readers to conduct multiple searches.

Thus, in qualitative terms there is definitely a case for long-form content.

What about quantitative support for long-form content? Here’s a look at them:

As per this data-driven and statistics enriched post on content length, the findings are as follows:

  • The average content length as obtained from Google’s top 10 organic positions is between 2100 and 2500+ words
  • The content length is 2700 words for domains of 10+ years of age, 2100 words for domains between 1 and 10 years of age and 1800 words of domains less than 1 year of age
  • Longer content secures SEO benefits such as more backlinks, more social shares, more long-term value, stronger brand signals, higher recognition from Google’s RankBrain, visitors spending more time on the website, higher click-through rates, better audience engagement, more email subscribers and reducing bounce rates
  • Longer content helps conversions by generating highly valuable leads, drives more referral traffic, gives the ability to go viral and establishes trust with the brand

Thus, in quantitative terms also there is definitely a case for long-form content.

Perhaps you are used to writing short-form content and wondering how you can get people to write long-form content.

You can get in touch with digital marketing companies such as Infintech Designs New Orleans and engage them to write long-form content for you.

If you are in the business for the long haul it is most prudent and beneficial to include long-form content as a vital part of your content marketing strategy.

If you fail to do so you are missing out on a lot of benefits that otherwise would have accrued to you. What you miss could include a passionate relationship with your customers.

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