How to Find Android APK Files for Kindle Fire

You know one thing that keeps coming up is where can I find APK files for my Kindle Fire HDX so that I can install Android applications that are not available in the Amazon Android app store, and since Amazon doesn’t let you access the Google Play store from the Kindle Fire line of tablets, you really have to rely on Google Search to find the APK files that you neand want to install.

I did some queries myself and found the best solution was from a post in the forum, so I am including a link to this as my source for some of the information, but I further added some additional information and specifics for those who don’t know how to modify the query or want some additional examples:

Of course many apps can be found on 1 Mobile Market, which is free and lets you get direct APK files, but not all apps/games are on there and if what you are looking for isn’t on 1 Mobile Market then you may want to continue with the rest of this article.

So in this article it suggests if you want to search for entire “indexes” of APK files, like sites that host a site listing of APK files that you can choose from, then go to and enter this as your search query “-inurl:htm -inurl:html -inurl:asp intitle:”index of” +(apk)” so it would look like this:

You won’t always get recent information or listings this way, so you may want to refine your search by selecting all results in the past month or weeks if you want to look for something super recent.


Now if you want to find a specific application rather than see all indexes, you can keep that same search query and append +appname to the end of it, like in this example I am adding dropbox so I am looking for all sites in past month that would host dropbox apk file.

This is the search query used “-inurl:htm -inurl:html -inurl:asp intitle:”index of” +(apk) +(4shared)”


Always take fair warning into consideration, you could always run across a site that has malware, trojans so before you visit the site, do a little URL scan of it with URLVoid first as an added precaution it is my recommendation you do that as it will help rule out any obvious malware.  Though the .apk file itself could still be something else written that impersonates what you are looking for, so you should always pay attention to the permissions and information in the .apk file itself and feel free to use one of the many Android malware/virus scanner apps in the stores to help add a little additional assurance.


Alternately, if the above method is little complex to you, or just say you want to download the apk right away with a couple of clicks then here’s another method.

  • Open the app’s page you want the APK of in the play store using any browser.
  • Copy the url or just the package name of the app. For example, here is the URL of the Google+ app in the play store.
    And “” is the package name.
  • Now, head over to Evozi APK Downloader (bookmark this for easy access) and simply paste the URL/package name there and click “Generate download link”.
    Within a couple of seconds (2-3) you will get the download link of the desired app.

Here is a screenshot downloading Transformers: Age of Extinction


Now if the app version is old which is a rare case by the way, simply tick “Force refetch apk file” by clicking on the “Request Update / Japan Apps” button.

You can even add a chrome extension of the same by heading over to their Extension Page. You need to have at least one Android device configured with your Google Account in order to use the extension. Detailed information and guide can also be found on the extension page.

So go ahead add 4shared or whatever app you want to your Kindle Fire HDX and don’t limit yourself to only what is available in the Amazon Android App Store.

Just note, you can’t use this method to get paid apps for free, if you try to download a paid app, you will get this error “This app might be incompatible with our downloader or it’s a paid app, we are using USA (T-Mobile)”

Installing the APK File on your Kindle Fire HDX

  • Now of course you need to make sure you go into your Kindle Fire HDX settings and check mark “Allow 3rd party applications”
  • Then install ES File Explorer from the Amazon Android App Store (Free) to let you browse your files on your Kindle Fire HDX
  • then plug your Kindle Fire HDX into your PC and drag/drop the Android APK game or app into a folder on your Kindle Fire HDX
  • Using ES File Explorer on Kindle Fire HDX just run the APK file and install it
  • Voila!

What are some of your favorite APK files to download and install on your Kindle Fire?

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