About the HTC Vive VR System

Naturally, the goal of VR devices is to give you an immersive experience to make you feel like you are part of game or the movie or whatever it is you happen to be viewing or interacting with. Also, the VR devices designed for mobile phones are completely different from the ones that support desktop and Play station gaming experience. So! In order to start our HTC VIVE review, we will start simply with comparing both Rift and VIVE, the result of both these devices can be understood easily as simple input and output equation.

The rift doesn’t require a lot of input as the devices shows up the setup which is simple and way you go. It’s a solid and rewarding user experience as vast majority of people will definitely enjoy. While on the other side, the vive when fully utilized is a bit different story.

The Setup For HTC VIVE

In order to setup your HTC VIVE for ridiculously amazing gaming experience, you will have to first consider four thoughts before you can fully utilize your HTC vive:

  • Where the light hosting tools will be positioned?
  • Is there enough head room for player to swing the controllers around?
  • Where the pc and your body will be positioned?
  • How you will manage to tether?

Another thing you must consider before making your first purchase is that HTC vive is neither quite comfortable nor it is lightweight to carry around on your head. But!

What you get in return is a beyond solid experience.

If something to behold to say that being able to walk around and move your hands and how that translate to your character walking around in moving your hands in virtual world will be a life changing experience. And believe it or not! This is the kind of sensation that consumers are eagerly waiting to experience.

So What Do You Get In Return?

  • With HTC Vive, you will be able to launch different games and control things through the headset because of the wonderful integration of steam VR
  • You’ll also be able to see your desktop and manage things easily; this being combined with being able to activate the pass through camera in order to see your surroundings.
  • Next up you can use the dial on the side of the headset in order to control the ipd (interpupillary distance) settings.
  • If you popup the grey rings around the pivot-points of the head straps, you can adjust the depth of the lenses as well. This can be especially helpful for people who wear glasses.

Additionally: You can also get spare face foam in the box in a slightly different size in case you have a more narrow face structure.

Should You Buy It?

Since there are no doubts about the fact that HTC VIVE can give you ridiculously amazing life like gaming experience but with price like $800 US dollars or 1499 Canadian dollars, what you have to pay is quite the price. Plus you must also consider the downsides like in the brining it would be able to support majority of high end games that you want to play on the Vive. Plus will you be able to possibly place the light hosting sensors and in the end it will definitely take a lot of money and dedication before you make your decision that it’s a right purchase for you.

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