HyperX CLOUD Stinger Gaming Headphones Review

The Headphones


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The headphones come packaged very nicely in a foam block etched out to perfectly fit the headphones, a home if you will, a place to rest it at night.

A quick look and they might look like a standard pair of headphones… but there’s a little more to them.

We will start from the cable and work our way to the headphones.

The plug is a 4 Pole 3.5mm jack.  The 4 poles allow for the Left and Right audio along with connecting the microphone into 1 jack for devices that function this way.  Devices that function this way are mainly Cell phones, many tablets and things of that nature to allow you to record and listen through the same 3.5mm jack.

If you look closely, this end also has the HyperX etching on it.

Working our way up that rubberized 51.19” cable, we find left ear cup.  Keeping the 50mm driver from lying flat on your ear and being incredibly uncomfortable, is what they call the HyperX signature memory foam ear coupling circumaural ear pads.  They cover my complete ear, my ear easily fits inside, so the pads rest on the sides of my head, very comfy and oddly enough, they don’t make my skin sweaty like I thought they would.

Flipping the ear cup around, we find the Microphone.

Zooming close to the rear end of the microphone, it looks like its opened up, not sealed.  This allows for more natural recording.

On the other end, where your mouth would be, you find the directional side of the microphone, it has 7 little holes to pick up audio.

The microphone from base to tip, is 6.5 inches.  There are a few other features of the microphone that are pretty cool.

The microphone can be raised or lowered, nothing big there.  The big thing is when raised, the microphone is muted and when it is lowered the microphone is one.  They make a clicking sound to let you know it is muted or unmuted.  Another nice thing about the microphone is that it is not just a stiff piece of plastic, it’s almost as if it was made out of rubber, it can be bent to extremes.  Check out this video to give you an example of what I mean.

Moving up a little, we have the HyperX logo and to the left and right of that something that makes these headphones a little more comfortable.

So as you know, you can wear earphones like this, but the band can make them a little uncomfortable  because they squeeze your head a bit.  It’s something we have gotten used to.

Usually available only in more expensive headphones, you can actually tilt the headphones a bit, so they fit much nicer.

You can tilt them inwards or outwards independently.

This is how you would put down every other pair of headphones, and it works but you have to be incredibly careful with them.  For example, if you are headed to a LAN party and have to toss them in your bookbag, or store them somewhere.

You can actually rotate the earcups so that they would fit perfectly in your bag, or to hug the wall if you hang them.

Tossing them in my bag, heading out for a bit with my friends to a LAN party.

You can rotate them individually if you like, you don’t need to rotate them both.  Let’s move up a little more.  They can be rotated inwards up to 90 degrees.

Like most headsets, they are adjustable but unlike most other headsets, the slider is not made out of cheap plastic.  The sliders are actually made out of high quality steel, just to make sure they last.  Following our path, we find the headband.

The top is relatively plain, but it does have the HYPERX logo.  Underneath that…

Just like the ear cups, the head band comes lined with the HyperX signature premium memory foam Leatherette.  They are amazingly soft and cushy, to make it extra comfortable, and I am bald, and they don’t make my head sweat any so you folically gifted individuals should be fine.

Off a little more to the other earcup, I won’t bore you with the same the other one had, but there is a volume slider.

Pretty self-explanatory I think, but to raise the volume, the slider the slider towards the + and to lower the volume you move it to the -.

Just in case some of you are not sure how to plug it in and configure it, I will go over that for you in this next chapter.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.