HyperX CLOUD Stinger Gaming Headphones Review

How does it work?


Now that we have gotten through the makeup and setup of these headphones, which is in my opinion very nice for the price, let’s check out a little on how the microphone works in game.  To show you, I played Battlefield One and I recorded myself.  Check it out.

Like one of the youtubers on the video commented, “doesn’t sound like the soup can tinny sound” and he’s right, they sound great.

It not only connects to a computer, since it is using 3.5mm jacks, it can be connected to just about anything either to record or to hear.  In this video, I show you how to connect it to the Playstation 4, I show you how to enable it in the PS4 and also how to enable and disable the microphone.  Then I show you how it sounds and my Motorola Droid Maxx, my wifes Apple iPhone 5c and how it records on my PC.

I show you a little on how it sounds too, though it is a bit difficult since I had to raise the headphones to the camera, so you can hear a little bit.  I played Unravel and Spelunker World just to hear the some of the audio but I did play Plants Versus Zombies to test the microphone and speaking to the players, they said it sounded great.

A short chapter, but it is the last, so let’s see if you agree with my findings on these headphones.

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