HyperX CLOUD Stinger Gaming Headphones Review

Final Thoughts and Conclusion


It seems like every company comes out with a different headphone that can do something special, or just a pair that makes sounds but HyperX doesn’t want to make a pair that just makes sounds, they want to stand out.  Unsurprising HyperX did an amazing job with these headphones paying attention to even the smallest details, many of which some might not even notice.

Now, some might complain that the cable is not braided, it’s not USB and it’s not Virtual 7.1 surround like the HyperX Cloud II headphones, which also were nice but with all of those extra’s comes a bigger bill.  You can still pick up a pair of HyperX CLOUD II’s, and they do sound great, but for half the price you can pick up the Stinger.  I have reviewed and still own both… but I have to say I prefer the Stinger, the microphone sounds so much better and the audio to me sounds much better, there’s nothing Virtual about this quality.

With that said, I have to give these headphones a 5 out of 5 Stars, and award it Dragon Bloggers Editor’s choice.

The Cost, Quality, Performance, Durability and features are spectacular for the price.


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