I Should Pick Up More Web Development Skills

As I find myself working with wordpress every day practically I really wish I had spent more time learning web development over the past few years, particularly in the PHP, CSS area’s of web development. I haven’t actually done any web design for years other than tweaking existing html settings and mark up. I had taken courses in Javascript, HTML, DHTML and the like way back in 2003-2004 but my main job was more in applications administration and support not designing and programming so never had time to pick up the skill set.

There are always tweaks or improvements I want to make for my blog (improve load times, modify theme a bit) that at some point I may have to hire a web developer to help me, or just purchase a new theme altogether in the future. So many people are using the Thesis theme now due to its customizability, but I am kind of partial to my highly modified Black Abstract theme I am using.

-Dragon Blogger

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