Improvement Suggestions for MyLikes

I have talked a few times before on why I like using MyLikes as a program that can help you earn money with your Twitter account and from entering your lists into contests. This post will include a list of features or enhancements that I think would make the MyLikes website easier to use and give users more information about the advertisers they are considering to promote.

The first thing I would like to add is the ability to include the start time that a sponsored like was created, you tend to like to know how long ago ads were created and have been running. This would help if I knew if an ad was just created in the last 3 days, I know it is a fresh ad and one that hasn’t been regurgitated for months already like some of the long time ads.

I would also like to see column sorts on the “sponsors” page, being able to sort by the CPC amount, start date (which isn’t added yet) can help someone drill down and only see the CPC opps the are looking for at the top of the list.

I would create an Advertiser rating system. Some of the ads on mylikes are lower quality than others in that they are direct users referral sales pages, spammy links that end up on popup pages to enter information for offers and more. With an advertiser rating system, you can gauge the quality of the advertisers ads. The problem I am seeing with MyLikes is people appear to care more about the petty earnings from an opp rather than the quality of the opp and where it takes them. This will get far more abused as more advertisers start paying into the system and something should be implemented before that starts to happen.

Finally, I would have the target link for the ad available right in the summary page. This way I can quickly and easily see what page the opp ends up at without having to open the opportunity first. This saves a step, I always check out what I am promoting and visit the sponsors “link end point” to make sure what they are promoting is something credible and I am comfortable promoting.

These simple little improvements will help users find the quality sponsored likes faster and help users weed out the well liked advertisers from the ones that aren’t as highly reputable. Note, I also think MyLikes should join GetSatisfaction or implement a way to make suggestions without having to email them directly which appears to be the only way to make recommendations now.

Despite the four feature improvement requests I suggest above, I think MyLikes is a fantastic service and I have enjoyed using it for the last two months. I have made about $15 dollars from MyLikes in the past 40 days and though that isn’t a lot of money, it does cover an average hosting provider fee for a month, all for the cost of promoting a few sponsored likes.

If you haven’t check out MyLikes yet,then join MyLikes now and use my referral link, so I can show that you joined under my recommendation.

-Dragon Blogger

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