Improvements for SponsoredTweets

I love SponsoredTweets and have been using the service to make money from my Twitter accounts for over a  year.  However as I now have multiple Twitter profiles and several that are accepting offers for SponsoredTweets I realized that SponsoredTweets should change their model if possible.

I think SponsoredTweets should have it’s own database of accounts and let you sync or register multiple Twitter profiles, set the price/tags for each and then let you manage your offers/tweets for each Twitter profile from the same master account.  This way earnings of $1.00 from one Twitter account can pool with earnings of another Twitter account and all earnings from several accounts go into the same “pool”.  This way you don’t need to have 3-5 separate accounts all struggling to reach $50 in earnings so you can get a payout without getting the $2 charge for early withdrawal.

This also prevents you from having to constantly sign out of Twitter to sign in to SponsoredTweets as 3-4 separate Twitter accounts everyday.  I know I have let some opps lapse just because I am waiting too long to check some of my smaller Twitter accounts for SponsoredTweets.

It is bad when I have my RockMelt browser for my @DragonBlogger Twitter account, use my Chrome browser for my @Poemwatch Twitter account, use my IE9 browser for my @GetOutArizona twitter account, and use my FireFox browser for my @TechnoTree Twitter account.  Now I just use Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to manage my updates and replies, but when using services that join to Twitter I need separate browser sessions so am often having 3-4 browsers open at the same time sometimes.

Even with the suggestion to allow for multiple Twitter accounts to combine in the same SponsoredTweets account I still think the program is fantastic and I get some of the best offers and quality advertisers on SponsoredTweets as compared to anywhere else.  SponsoredTweets continuously makes me money with my Twitter account where ALL other programs have trickled out over the years, even MyLikes is far less profitable even though it can earn from FaceBook as well.

Speaking of that, SponsoredTweets should also implement ability to earn from promoting on Facebook Profiles or Pages, this could be an added way to earn per message.


As you can see SponsoredTweets has earned me enough to pay for almost three years of my Web Hosting just from tweeting promotions on my Twitter account.  In over 40,000 tweets, only 85 of them were sponsored Tweets from SponsoredTweets so this is a very low ratio of sponsored content as the way it should be when using any program to make money online from your social media profiles.

If you aren’t using IZEA’s services yet to monetize your social media profiles or blogs, you really should be as you could be making some extra money each month.

-Dragon Blogger

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