Creating an Inf Internet Avatar

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image So I was always curious about why and how people use all these online avatars for their social media profiles that I decided to look further into something called Infs. is an online avatar you can create and customize, but also train by building a list of questions/responses that the avatar can automatically answer when people type it questions.

I decided to create an avatar for dragonblogger, and this is kind of what i came up with:


The interesting thing is you can spend quite a bit of time programming your avatar, by building in questions and answers.  The more questions and answers you fill out, the more conversational your Inf becomes.  It actually allows you to provide quite a bit of responses that people would normally ask.


You can embed this Inf Avatar into Facebook or share on Twitter and people can interact with it by asking it questions.  This can be a good way to gain some interest by doing something new, but also I was thinking by building in a ton of questions you can have your Inf be available to answer basic questions about yourself to save you time.

Anyway, the Inf is an interesting online Avatar you can create for yourself, and it has dozens of configurations, but there are other online avatar programs with more variety.  I think the fact that you can track all conversations your Inf has with users so you can tailor or craft your responses better is a nice feature.

For those interested in online avatars or persona’s, is something you may want to checkout and try.  It is completely free and fun playing with.

-Dragon Blogger

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