Insight On The Latest Online Gaming Features

Online gaming in itself is an innovation that has been exciting in the ears and eyes of the people. Lovers of casino games in the offline setting were excited when the games went online, affording them the chance to enjoy their games while sitting in the comfort of their homes. However, this keeps getting better, as many new games come with many new features.  Some of the latest features of online games are listed below.

Facebook Integration

Of course, the influence of the social media on our lives cannot be over emphasized, and there is no gainsaying that Facebook is one of the most popular social media outfits out there. Now, for those games that will bring more excitement when enjoyed with a network of players, you don’t have to start asking friends at work and school to come play with you. You simply have to use the social media integration, chief of which is the Facebook angle. The Facebook integration allows you to connect to players from all over the world. It is even better because some of these players already have their networks that you can also become part of, to meet some others. You market your game by leveraging on as many existing networks as you wish. You can do this with the Gamesparks integration software or the unibet casino app.


One of the best features of online games presently is the saving feature. When satellite television came with the technology that allows people to save televised programs so that they can view them later, people were amazed. The same thing is witnessed about the game saving feature.  Here, you can save your custom game when you want to move out, only to reload the game and start from where you stopped when you come back.

Different Damages on Each Attack

This is the feature that allows you to have a say on the level of damage your attacks in combat games can give. In the custom game features, you are given the chance to set the exact amount of damage that comes from the hero when he makes an attack. You can also set it in a way that every attack from the hero gives the same level of damage.

Friends Point

This is another wonderful new feature in all classic casino sites.  The method is that people are allowed to gain points by inviting their friends to come and play the games. The benefit of this is that it helps to spread the game for the developer. On the angle of the player, they are rewarded with in-game currencies and allowed to bet and play with them.


This is also predicated on the social nature of the games. Here, it allows them to gift lots of virtual items bought and given as promotional offers. Games that work with this will allow friends to exchange chips. People can gift points, currencies, and many other things.


This is another feature that makes so much sense. This is mostly used in the social circle or in tournaments. It is a way of assigning functions and targets to people involved in competitions so that they can complete the actions at different times. This comes with a set date or time as the deadline.


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