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I saw in WebSite Magazine an article about MailChimp’s Analytic 360 plug-in for WordPress and I decided to install it, it is one of the few wordpress plug-ins that has a full 5 star rating on and over two thousand downloads, and I can see why.  Virtually every important metric you would visit Google Analytics for, you have at your fingertips inside a new “Analytics360” link in your Dashboard area.

I installed the plug-in and found it had information right at your fingetips, including the ability to separate out “Organic” visits from “Referral” visits.  Organic visits are the most important and are directly show how many people are reaching your blog from search engines.


You can also see your top pages and keyword searches that lead to your blog from your wordpress dashboard as well.

One thing to note is that this plug-in integrates with Google Analytics and does not replace or is not used instead of, so you still need to make sure you are using the Google Analytics plug-in for your blog so Google can track and measure your blog metrics. In addition, this Analytics360 plug-in integrates with MailChimp, but I don’t leverage or use that service, I am using it for the Google Analytics dashboard.

Summary: Mail Chimp Analytics360 wordpress plug-in reduces how often I actually have to log into the separate Google Analytics website and allows me to see my analytics right from my blog dashboard which saves time. The information provided is consolidated from several screens on Google Analytics and it saves you clicks and time. You still will need to use Google Analytics to do queries and collect more detailed data, but it gives you plenty at your fingertips.

Justin Germino
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Justin Germino

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