Google Instant Search Gives Us Ideas

After hearing my 7 year old say to me the other day "Google gives you ideas when you type stuff in" I thought he summed up the new Google Instant Search perfectly.  So I decided to see what ideas Google gave me while searching for some basic question openers:


Apparently, when people type "Why Do" most people ask questions about their dog and a significant portion want to know why dogs eat poop.


A quick type of "How Does" and I saw the top result being Fushigi?  Seriously, what the hell is Fushigi?  I had to actually learn that it meant a type of juggling ball how many people were really trying to figure out what this is?  Somebody must have gotten great SEO JUICE from this one!

Secondly, people still don’t know how Paypal or Skype works that they have to search to figure it out?


When using the term "What Are" it would appear food and illness are among the most common searches with those leading words. 

In truth when using Google Instant Search myself it has never suggested something I was actually looking for with the first 2 keywords, I always had to type every word in my question to get matches to what I was looking for.

How useful is Google Instant search at predicting what you are looking for?

-Dragon Blogger

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