iPageRank SEO Tool Extension for Google Chrome

There is a unique Google Chrome Extension called iPageRank SEO Tool for Chrome that shows you every websites pagerank as most other plugins do but goes several steps further.

Clicking on the iPageRank button gives you your websites keywords and the frequency of which they appear, I tested this on my poetry blog and saw what my keywords looked like. There is also a separate column called “performing” on the right which I assume shows which keywords have lead to clicks on your blog from Google Search engines but I don’t know for sure.

What is most intersting is if you just hover over the iPageRank button instead of clicking on it. You will see a breakdown of all your internal and external links and which ones are DoFollow internally and Externally. You will also get a metric of how much PageRank you are leaking out of your blog per link. I don’t know how this is calculated or how accurate it is, but it is a very interesting metric to me.

My Wanderer Thoughts Poetry blog had the highest PageRank of 3 for all of my blogs and was leaking .018 PageRank per link (this would be around 60 external links would drain a whole PageRank according to this formula.) The plug-in is worth its weight in gold as it helps you see what keywords sites are leveraging (useful if you want to scout competitor or like sites and try to get keyword ideas) and shows you how much DoFollow linkage you have going in and out of your blog.

I am curious to know if any of my other bloggers have used this plug-in or something similar and have any experience on this PageRank per link calculation?

-Dragon Blogger

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