Dual Mode VOIP App for iPhone

VOIP apps are all the rage for desktop systems as they can save you big money over using your land line for long distance calls.  VOIP apps for mobile phones can do the same for when you have access via Wi-Fi and want to make a call using the VOIP app instead of your cellular carrier to try and cut down on minute usage.

Specifically when looking for iphone VOIP apps you want to consider one that has dual mode where you can make calls via your Wi-Fi or over your cellular network if no Wi-Fi access is available and this is where Line2 comes in.

Line2 adds a 2nd number of your choice to your iPad or iPhone and allows you to use that number for incoming and outgoing calls on whichever network is available.  This can save you money by cutting down on your plan usage allowing you to make your calls while on your home or a nearby Wi-Fi network.

In addition this iPod Touch voip or iPad application is one of the only (if not the Only) VOIP application that allows you to do up to 20 person conferencing which currently isn’t supported by any other VOIP service.

Currently the app is $14.95 per month which is 1/2 the cost of some other VOIP services, but you get many more features and I encourage you to learn more.  Land lines are becoming extinct and this application allows you to replace your land line with your iPhone so that you can use it over your Wi-Fi with VOIP calls when you are at home, and the number goes with you when you are on the network.  This is also ideal for giving your iPhone a second phone number, one you can use for business or friends only so that your primary number stays private (or reverse).

Go ahead and check out the Line2 application and compare it to any other VOIP application on AppSafari’s site to see how it compares and if it has all the features and functionality you need as as an iPhone VOIP application.

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Justin Germino
Justin Germino
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