IZEA Acquires Magpie: Converts Users to SponsoredTweets


IZEA sent out an email this morning to all customers that IZEA has acquired Magpie which was another company online that let users earn money from their Twitter profiles.   Magpie users will automatically be converted into the SponsoredTweets system with any balances owed transferred into the appropriate SponsoredTweets account.

IZEA made it clear that Magpie will be until Friday July 29, 2011 which means Magpie itself will likely be terminated or a redirect setup to send users to SponsoredTweets if they hit Magpie after that point.

This move shows that consolidation is starting to occur in companies that offer social media earning opportunities and give advertisers a clear choice on the dominant marketing companies to work with to get their brand and message out through bloggers and social media promoters.

Personally I have used SponsoredTweets for over 2 years and their system has always worked better for me than Magpie.  You can see from my SponsoredTweets earning over the past several years that they have been among the most successful of all programs that earn money on Twitter.


If you are a blogger or have an account that is highly active on Twitter then you could start earning with SponsoredTweets today, they only require that your account be 30 days old and have at least 100 followers.  The more active you are and if you have a good follow to unfollow ratio you could be getting dozens of offers per month.  With any luck this move bring Magpie users into SponsoredTweets will help bring more advertisers to SponsoredTweets giving users more flexibility.

I would imagine that most users who tried to make money with their Twitter profiles already had accounts in several systems, so probably many of the accounts are duplications and simply bring over any earnings or unpaid balances into SponsoredTweets for them.

Sign up for SponsoredTweets today, there is no cost at all to join and all you do is sit back and wait for advertisers to hire you to promote products and services for them.

-Justin Germino

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