IZEA Announces PayPerPost Update and InPostLinks

IZEA released an email to all customers of PayPerPost about changes going in on Friday with PayPerPost V4 becoming the official and only model for PayPerPost. In addition the former PayPerPost is being rebuild as a new service called InPostLinks which will be allow bloggers to make money by merely inserting links in their websites to the advertisers. This requires no review, no disclosure and is merely a back link and by their description appears to function very similarly to PayU2Blog link model.

Here is official information from IZEA:

What’s happening to the “old” PayPerPost?
inPostLinks allows for a new and easy way to monetize your blog. All the Opportunities in inPostLinks will be link only. This means we are not asking you to write reviews, or to endorse anything. We are simply asking you to place the link on your blog. We hope that you will find a way to integrate the link into relevant content, but not with a review or endorsement. Easy!
Your ‘old’ PPPv3 information will be at the new site http://www.inpostlinks.com. Here you will be able to find your previous PPPv3 activity, all posts and any posts pending review. Any posts that have been approved will be paid out in the normal course that you are accustomed. The only difference to you is the type of opportunities you will now find.

The updated PayPerPost and InPostLink will be active and up on on Friday, November 20th.

This is two big announcements in one day from IZEA to three of their services, and all three continue to grow and become even more valuable to bloggers looking to monetize their blogs.

-Dragon Blogger

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