Jelly Combs Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Review



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The Battery on the Jelly Comb Bluetooth Mini Keyboard

The battery itself will last for 30 days in stand-by mode. That is a nice long time to save a charge and you may get longer it’s just depending. Now in use time, you should get around 15 hours of straight use. I don’t expect many people to exceed that very often but I did use it for a few days testing it off and on while saving the time up. I got around 13 and half hours total between charging. Once the battery was drained it took 2 hours to charge. The battery has a 250mA capacity.

Watch How To Pair Your Jelly Comb Bluetooth Up!

Pairing the Bluetooth up is very easy as seen in the video. You will be able to pair this with almost any device that accepts a Bluetooth keyboard or device. As seen in the video I tested it on my pc. I did, however, test it also on my video projector which has built in Bluetooth smart TV box. I had no issue using it on either device.

James Braga

James Braga

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