July Giveaways and Showcasing Some of Our Partners

For this July Newsletter we focus on two companies which we have partnered with and showcasing their products and giveaway for readers.  The first is Havit and this technology company makes a range of PC and speaker accessory products.  They have been steadily supplying us with products to review and giveaway to our readers and I wanted to show them some appreciation by calling some attention out to them in the newsletter.  Right now, we have a Dual Driver Bluetooth Speaker that we are giving away from Havit, the 2nd one as they provide one for us to giveaway just a few weeks prior.

Enter the Havit Dual Driver Speaker Giveaway.

Also Like Havit on Facebook and let them know you are a DragonBlogger Fan and see what products they offer and let us know which ones you want us to giveaway next!

You can also check out Iggy’s review of the Havit HV-SK466BT Bluetooth Speaker he does a great video and written review of it.

RavPower also has been a partner for a while, and the offered up a 4 port USB Charging Station to our readers.  This is the ultimate charging device and with 1 A/C outlet you now can charge 2 Tablets and 2 Smartphones at the same time, this is perfect in my household where I have to charge 2 Kindle Fire HDX and 2 iPhone’s at the same time, and keeps all of your devices in one location for charging.  You just have to keep reminding family members to put their devices back on the charger when they no longer an using them, as I have to with my kids all the time.

Enter to Win a RavPower 4 Port USB Charger

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You can also check out Iggy’s review of the RavPower 4 Port USB Charger as well, he does a great written and video unboxing/review.

Finally we are forging relationships with new brands all the time, Lumsing and Etekcity are some of the newer brands to partner with us and I wanted to specifically call out that Etekcity is sending us more than half a dozen different products to review and many will be lined up for giveaways with the fans.  In addition, Lumsing already is in the works to have us offer some giveaways for the fans, and I want my fans to go ahead and start showing support by liking Lumsing and Etekcity on Facebook now, tell them you are a DragonBlogger fan and happy they partnered with us!

Like Etekcity on Facebook

Like Lumsing on Facebook

In addition we soon will be launching a Facebook Flash Giveaway for some Amazon Credit, so only fans that follow on Facebook will see and be able to enter this one, as it won’t show up on the site or the newsletter.  We also plan on future giveaways exclusive to the YouTube channel to to help grow our presence in various social media platforms as well.

Some Reviews You May Have Missed

I want to showcase some reviews that have recently published that you may have missed, these include the extremely thorough review of the Deepcool Pangu V2 SW PC case which was done by Ronald Smith, you won’t find more product pictures in another review on the site!  You may also have noticed that we have covered some virtual currency mining articles as of late, courtesy of Ahmed one of our newest writers.  Check out his article on how to mine any coin using AMD GPU’s with the X13 Algorithm.  Last but not least Mitra takes a look at the alpha of the game Skara: The Blade Remains and while it is very much a work in progress, it has promise.

Do You Want To Review Products Too?

Calling other bloggers, I have more and more companies asking if I know other bloggers who are interested in doing product reviews, you don’t even have to run your own WordPress blog, these companies may be interested if you just have a decent YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr following.  In some cases if you are very active Amazon reviewer and do video reviews you may be eligible.  If you want me to share your information with companies so that you may be contacted to get free products to review, please sign up for my Blogger Opportunity Sign Up Form and I will share your information so maybe you can get some cool sponsored opps or products to review too!  For the URL where you published a post on DragonBlogger, all you have to do is share one of our articles on your social media and put a link to the share.

This notice was part of the recent Newsletter, if you haven’t yet then sign up for the Newsletter so you won’t miss any future exclusive giveaways or first chances at prizes!

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