Keeping up with Internet Technology News

The world of internet technology is changing so rapidly that if you are out of the game for even a few weeks you could be late for the next trend. I myself am a prime example of this by being late to report on Google Wave and some other new breaking software in internet technology.

I hadn’t had time to pursue a Google Wave Beta invite, I was too busy and focused on keeping and maintaining my blogs and working my day job that I wasn’t able to put the research and time into a Google Wave post like I would have wanted. This is a prime example of “missing the ball” because so many bloggers have leveraged beta previews of Google Wave and given away free invitations as prizes that others were able to capitalize on showcasing this new software and I just haven’t been able to.

Meanwhile CNN reported last week that “Foursquare” may be the new “Twitter” next year and I hadn’t even heard of this application yet, so it is on my blog to do list to research and report on Foursquare. As a technology blogger, when you don’t have a team writing for your site it is hard to stay on top of the latest internet technology software and trends and it is even harder to keep coming up with fresh breaking news when faced with competition that has multiple writers as well as much more cloud with reporters closer to the stories.

It is one of my goals to start breaking more technology news in the future and I intend to turn into more of a blogozine style sometime in 2010, possible even picking up guest writers to help churn out more content and technology news. This is just one of the ideas I am flirting with for the new year.

-Dragon Blogger

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