Keywords for AdSense or Keywords for Google Search Rankings?

GoogleI was engaged in quite a bit of reading and research last week after trading emails with my blogging mentor Damien Riley where we discussed AdSense 101 and leveraging keywords to capitalize on your AdSense earnings. Thats right, by tagging your blog properly with AdSense efficiency your blog will earn more than if you use lousy keywords. The problem is a double edge sword actually, since in order to have your AdSense pay higher page per impressions and CPC you have to have the most popular keywords for your blog topic, but to get the best search engine rankings you have to tag your post with keywords that aren’t over utilized or you stand little chance of making the top 10 Google search listings.

I was so heavily focused on choosing keywords and phrases that would keep my blog in better search indexes, I was really neglecting my ability to capitalize on my Google AdSense CPC, which has become much more lucrative for my blogging Yoda over the past several months since he started this new technique of tagging.  Therefore, I have decided to leverage a little bit of both types of keywords in my current and future posts to see if I notice any increased revenue from AdSense over previous months averages. I will continue to perform Keyword Tweaking over the next few weeks and hope I can see some revenue improvements form AdSense. My goal is to reach $100 per month in AdSense earnings by August 2010.

-Dragon Blogger

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