Kindle Fire 2 Announcement on September 6th?

Amazon has called for a press conference in Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California on Thursday September 6th 2012 and there is of course mass speculation that this is will be probably include announcements about new Kindle models including hopefully the successor to the Kindle Fire.

It would be good from Amazon to get their press release out before Apple may unveil a 7″ iPad Mini the following week, but to really WOW users they are going to have to show the something that will give Amazon Kindle Fire a competitive edge over the Google Nexus Tablet which currently holds the price/power sweet spot standard.

Top features wanted in a Kindle Fire 2?


Hello, no way to use earbuds wirelessly?  Or a wireless keyboard to make typing a bit easer, you know this is a huge disadvantage and one that has to be rectified.


This is something that will be of huge benefit, and they can just allow MicroSD to store video/images…etc freeing up the Kindle Fire memory for apps and games.  Bottom line, there needs to be a way to add more storage.

Faster Processor / GPU

The Kindle Fire is sluggish and having just a few processes open can cause some pretty noticeable lag.  An updated processor / GPU set is definitely in order to keep up with compatible games that keep getting more CPU/GPU intensive.

Higher Resolution

Rumors have it that a higher resolution screen may be in order, plus one with better technology for dealing with direct sunlight which is something that makes the regular Kindle with it’s e-Ink so magnificent for those who love to read under daylight at parks or near windows.

Better Content

There is no doubt that Amazon opening their own game studio recently will help create more content for their Kindle Fire line, combine that with the fact that Amazon is far ahead of Google in terms of offering video content and they may actually offer some features/content/media that isn’t as easy to get or integrated with a standard Android product.

Smoother Silk

The Silk browser was fantastic in theory but was plagued with problems around flash support and not being nearly as fast as a “cloud caching browser” should have been.  Hopefully Silk can run smoother, faster and really improve the overall browsing experience on the Kindle Fire.

What features do you want to see in a next generation Kindle Fire that would help give it an edge against the Google Nexus tablet?

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