Do You Know What Data Safety Is? You Have a Right to Secure Data

Online safety and security are a big concern lately, and you have the right to have a secure data transmission.

In order to ensure that your data transmissions are secure, it is recommended that you use a Virtual Private Network or VPN. A VPN enables you to have a secure long-distance connection to your network, allowing you to safely connect to your work computers from home or on the road. They do this by keeping others from being able to see your data which also reduces theft and virus transmission. They not only protect your data, they also help protect your identity from would-be criminals.

Your IP address and what it means.

Every computer has a unique identifier known as an IP Address. When you connect to your internet provider, they either assign you an IP address or you have one assigned that you always use. When you transmit data using your IP address, your information can be traced back to your computer or other transmission device, and not just by your internet provider, but the government, advertisers, search engines, and criminals.

Once your data leaves your computer, it can be intercepted by anyone along the way, and eventually, they can see the stuff, on your computer even if you never put it online. This is a serious breach of security and without protection, you are at the mercy of others. If you do not know what your IP address is, you could use a site like this,, Keep in mind, however, if they can see your IP address, everyone can. With a VPN, your IP address is encrypted, and it is nearly impossible for anyone else to see it, or your valuable data.

Occasionally you can also transmit data to and receive data from the Internet via a proxy server. A proxy server does not encrypt your data but it masks your IP so that it cannot be traced back to you. Proxy servers are your go-to tools when you are looking to extract large amounts of data from the Internet for your business.

More about data safety and encryption.

The VPN-tracing link shown in the previous section will give you a lot more detail on what a VPN is, and why you need one. One thing to note, you may also hear using a VPN called by the name “Tunneling”. Just think of a VPN as a way to dig a tunnel from one place to another. On the surface, no one will see you as being online, but underneath their field of vision, you will not only be online, but conducting business safely, and securely.

Besides the safety and security issues, the lack of virus intrusions from advertisements targeting your IP address, you might even notice that you are sending and receiving data a little more quickly. This is often due to the fact that unlike your internet service provider, those who you secure your computers with, through the use of a VPN, often bring in many more servers to handle the data load of their valued customers.

Is a VPN just for use at home?

If you travel a lot for business, you are a college student who uses free Wi-Fi for your studies, or you are a busy mom or dad, sitting at your local Wi-Fi enabled fast food location, every time you go online unsecured, you risk allowing hackers to get a foothold into your life. While free Wi-Fi is nice, it is seldom safe or secure. A VPN can be used on the go, giving you peace of mind, knowing your mobile data is protected as well. In fact, you will notice that in the settings of your devices, there are options to use your VPN as a secure connection point.

A VPN costs money.

It may be pricey, but what price can you put on the safety and security of your data, your finances, even your children’s photos? Every workplace has various restrictions on internet use while on the job, or even while using a device connected to their Wi-Fi. Sometimes, you are not to open certain sites while working at your office. Using some Voice over IP services to place calls, can be hacked, and targeted by advertisements that insert viruses into your network. Even some search engines and websites, that you might think are safe, have links that are used to track you and attack you without your knowledge.

While all of this costs money, so does your time. Using a VPN is not only a wise investment, it is almost a must in today’s business world, and in the life of anyone who does not want others to take possession of their personal and privet information. You owe it to yourself to start thinking more securely about your information and find yourself a safe, reliable, and trusted VPN service, even if it costs a little extra.

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