I had installed Kontera on DragonBlogger.com last week and let it sit active for five full days seeing how it would fare against AdSense on the same blog.  This was a big week for DragonBlogger.com as I had over 3000 unique visits in those 7 days which is a high peak for me.  How did Kontera fare against my Google Adsense you ask?

Earnings for September 16th – 22nd

AdSense:  $1.79
Kontera:  $.09

Thats right, on this blog Kontera earned only 9 cents for me over 5 days.  The really unusual thing is that on my poetry blog Wanderer Thoughts Kontera earned me $1.12 vs AdSense $2.31 but when you add up the totals it shows a major difference:

Total all blogs in 7 days:

AdSense: $10.80
Kontera: $1.21

Since Kontera was doing so poorly on DragonBlogger.com I have decided to remove it, but since it did earn 50% as much as Google AdSense on my poetry blog, I left it in place on that blog and others to give it some more time.  Kontera can make money on certain blogs but it does not appear to be a good fit for my DragonBlogger.com at this time.  There were several other factors as well that influenced me to remove Kontera.

  1. I received numerous feedback on users not liking Kontera links in post (they are distracting, popups are low quality)  I did get a few “I don’t mind it”, but these were much fewer.
  2. When I have links I really want to emphasize, these are lost amid the Kontera links and even though Kontera links are a different color and double underlined, it weakens your true links.
  3. When my page loads there is a disgusting white flash after it loads and then refreshes with Kontera links on top.  This white flash is so annoying and noticeable it drove me nuts.

Thank you for your patience with dealing with Kontera on my blog while I tested the service.

-Dragon Blogger

Justin Germino
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Justin Germino


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