LeapFish Features DragonBlogger On Their Blog

In the official blog post from LeapFish announcing the 100K Cash Dash Contest Dragon Blogger was mentioned as one of the top contestants leading the pack on the contest and they were so kind as to even feature one of my video tutorials talking about using the LeapFish Search Engine for finding other blogs on the web to read article, leave comments and more.

For those who want to see how you can use LeapFish Search to find other blogs and related topics items to help you with your social media blogging tasks, you can watch the video here as well:

I am having a lot of fun promoting this contest because I have been using LeapFish and involved with talking about the company and real time searching for months now. LeapFish is a really great search engine that allows me to do my promotion and information gathering easier as a blogger. I have articles and video’s specifically talking about some of the things you can do with LeapFish that you might not know about, stay tuned for more posts.

Fans, I need your Support in the LeapFish 100K Cash Dash by signing up under me with the link to the left, it only takes 1 minute of your time and you can enter the contest yourself to start earning cash and prizes.

-Dragon Blogger

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