LinkFromBlog: Testing A New Paid Blogging Service


I heard about LinkFromBlog from Shemah and thought I would sign up and give the service a try. LinkFromBlog initially differs from other blogs because instead of adding a tracking code the encourage you to write a single post with a visible badge to “activate your blog” this is to track how many hits and true traffic your website generates to individual posts rather to a homepage alone.

They are also doing this to help promote their company and by having bloggers mention and write posts about them, it gives them free advertising for everyone who signs up. This is not a bad thing, bloggers should declare which and if they use any blogging programs for transparency in my opinion. But LinkFromBlog gives you the ability to use their invisible tracking image so nobody has to know about it as well.

Since this is my activation post for the company I haven’t even signed in yet to see what its all about, so stay tuned and I will let bloggers know if this service works for me.

-Dragon Blogger

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