Looking at some Carbon Fiber Accessories for Phones and Watches

Carbon Fiber is an extremely light weight durable fabric that is used in cutting edge technologies and luxury items like sports cars, the Aerospace industry and Formula One and other high end racing cars.  For a more technical explanation of what Carbon Fiber is, I quote this excerpt from the Carbon Fiber Gear what is carbon fiber page.

The key to carbon fiber’s properties is its unique microscopic crystalline structure. It is composed mostly of carbon atoms that are bound together in microscopic crystals which are linearly aligned and parallel to the long axis of the fibers. When carbon fiber is produced, thousands of thin strands of carbon are twisted together to form a yarn. This yarn is then woven into a flexible fabric that can be molded into many different shapes. To give you an idea of just how lean carbon fiber is, a single strand has a diameter of 0.005-0.010 mm, less than a human hair.

Carbon fiber also resists corrosion, is heat resistant and moisture resistant and carbon fiber watch bands are a great option as they resist sweat and other wear and tear that occurs from your arm resting on surfaces from time to time.

Carbon Fiber Apple Watch Band

But once you get one Carbon Fiber related product some people want consistency in the look and feel and match their various accessories.  This is where you may want to get a carbon fiber case for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone as well as carbon fiber shell cases for your Macbook Pro or carbon fiber sleeves for your iPad.  The list goes on with carbon fiber products honestly.

Now that you have your technology all decked out and protected or covered with carbon fiber related fabric you can even get a carbon fiber wallet to match, but that isn’t all you can find jewelry and other accessories as well.  I particularly like the color of carbon fiber gear and it fits with my all black preference very nicely.

Heck, if you really want to leave a lasting impression in the business world you can even purchase carbon fiber business cards.  Though they aren’t cheap and are truly for the person who wants to leave a lasting impression.  I wonder how durable carbon fiber business cards are compared to the thick card stock business cards, I know most business cards I have created break down relatively easily.

Do you own anything that has carbon fiber in it now that you are aware of?  I want to hear from you on your thoughts on carbon fiber.


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