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I am a HUGE supporter of the Roku Streaming devices being that I purchased 3 of them last year, so when I read about Merge by Windstream I was excited to see a company building an entire entertainment subscription package around the device.  

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Merge is not just a high speed Internet package by Windstream but is an all inclusive comprehensive package that includes adding in video, phone and entertainment subscription.  In fact you get a 6 month Hulu Plus membership included when signing up which gives you access to almost all TV Shows just a day or two after they air.  Hulu Plus is the number one channel for watching TV shows just like Netflix is still the best selection for watching streaming movies.

The Merge package includes a Roku, Wireless Router, High Speed Internet connection that can range from 3MB to 24MB and also includes 1st month free and free installation.  It keeps everything centralized in one place and at one provider and you get huge bulk discounts.  The highest package which includes all of this is cheaper than my current Satellite / Internet service right now, but unfortunately Arizona wasn't listed as a service area for Windstream Merge at this time so I have to wait before the package becomes available to me.  It is available at many other states so be sure to click on the sponsor link and check to see if Merge by Windstream is available in your area and can both save you money versus your current Internet/Entertainment providers as well as offer everything you need to bring entertainment to all of your devices including Tablet, Mobile, PC and Television.

The Roku itself has hundreds of channels to choose from, and even some limited live news channels like from CNN International.  The merge package includes all of this plus phone for the starting package at $54.99 per month, it goes up the faster Internet connection you want to have. 

Note if you have many online streaming devices, you want a higher Internet speed.

So think about merging all of your entertainment services into a single package and take a look at Merge by Windstream for more information.  This promotion only lasts until the end of June so hurry up and take a look now!

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