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My Twitter network is not "massive" by any stretch of the imagination, I have just over 6,200 followers and I don’t go around using "auto follow" bots or cheap methods to try and just build following.  I chose all the people I follow because they had something to do with blogging, technology, poetry or social media.


That being said, over the past year from SponsoredTweets I have made enough money from my Twitter account to pay for my annual web hosting fee’s:


Yep, I actually made $148.52 just from promoting some products on Twitter with SponsoredTweets.  Not only this, but I rejected another $105.50 in earnings just to show you that I only promote something that I feel is of benefit to my readers or a product that I am willing to stand behind.  I reject 50% of all offers if I don’t feel the product or service matches my niche or I feel is worth promoting.  I am pretty choose and you won’t see so many others have such a high Loss Potential.

Another note, I made $39.94 by doing nothing at all except having other people sign up under my referral link and earning 10% of whatever they make from their Tweets.  Sure this is 10% of 2.00 and my typical referral earnings are between .10 and .20 cents per tweet, but this adds op over time and I have 80 people who are already signed up under me on SponsoredTweets.

Those referrals come in in batches on some days:



Combine my above earnings with the fact that I earned an additional $45.99 from MyLikes which allows you to get paid per click on products/services you promote on Twitter as well as Facebook.


In Summary I made nearly $200 in about twelve months just from tweeting a few sponsored products on Twitter and ones that I felt were within my niche / category and I was willing to stand behind.

Unlike many other programs that let you earn from Twitter, I prefer MyLikes and SponsoredTweets because nothing ever gets "auto sent" you have complete control over every offer and opportunity and only promote what you feel like promoting.

As with doing any product promotion, make sure you take the time to visit the advertisers website and make sure it is something you are comfortable promoting.   I always do this and you can see that I rejected 56 specific advertiser offers to promote on Twitter for SponsoredTweets because I didn’t feel the content was a good fit for my Twitter profile.

More people should be choosy, but I do think if you have the social network to earn on Twitter why not earn a little bit to help cover your hosting fees, advertising costs….etc.

If you aren’t using SponsoredTweets or MyLikes yet, sign up under me and start earning some money with your Twitter profile.  You don’t need thousands of twitter followers and can start earning with just 200 or so followers as long as your Twitter account is over 30 days old.

Note these are just two of the many programs you can use to make money online, I suggest you read my review on other programs that pay you to blog, write articles or promote on Twitter.

-Dragon Blogger

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