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Online Password Security is essential and making sure you use strong passwords and passphrases to access a wide variety of websites is key to preventing any sort of data breach or other information being compromised or stolen.  Most people use the same three or four passwords however for every single website they have an account with and this is a very bad idea because if one of your passwords is compromised you likely open up many accounts to which you belong to to be compromised.

It is completely inconvenient to have to generate a separate secure password or passphrase to every single website, but you can leverage an online password management site to help make it more bearable.  What many people need is a way to manage passwords online and a site that provides direct password login.

Clipperz is a free online password management site that allows you to keep all of your passwords in a safe and secure online place, but Clipperz will warn you of the following:

Your passwords are only as safe as you keep your online passphrase, make sure you have a strong passphrase to reduce risk of account access to your passwords should somebody try to get into your Clipperz account.

Clipperz also offers no forgotten passphrase feature or email password recovery.  If you forget your passphrase, they have no option for you to recover it and find out what your original passphrase is, this is all to maintain security and prevent any attempt to compromise a passphrase once it has been set for an account.  Clipperz is unique in that it makes its sourcecode available via sourceforge so that the software and site itself can be scanned and submitted for security review by any company that needs to review the code.

In addition to keeping your passwords secure, Clipperz offers the ability to build “instant” direct login to any site that you want using a Bookmarklet.  Basically you drag this bookmarklet tool to your browser bookmarks, and when you are on the login form of your website, you click the bookmarklet and it will provide you with you code.  You insert this code into your “Web Password Card” in the direct login section and now from Clipperz you have one click access to log into any website you preconfigure without having to manually enter your username/password.

If you take the time to build all of your sites in Clipperz, you can set Clipperz as your first page you visit and have instant access to any of your account websites without ever having to type in a username and password manually.  It only takes about 1 minute to configure each site as a Web Password Card with a direct link.

Here is an example of what a web password card looks like in Clipperz after it is configured:

Read more about how Clipperz is a Zero Knowledge Web Application and decide for yourself if you think Clipperz is one of the best options for storing your passwords in an online password manager.

Clipperz also has an online password generation tool which allows you to generate truly complex passwords that can have a combination of alphanumeric, uppercase, numbers and special characters. The passwords are 19 characters in length and you can use these to set some secure passwords:

If you are still manually typing in passwords and using the same passwords for most of your online accounts, then you might want to seriously consider a way to manage your passwords online and out of the several I have looked at, Clipperz appears to have the best security policy in place.

-Dragon Blogger

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