May Video Game Giveaway from @dragonblogger

That is right my friends, today kicks off the May 2012 Video Game Giveaway from and you get to decide which video game you want to win.  You can pick any video game for any platform (Playstation 3, Nintendo 3DS, PC, Xbox 360…etc) as long as the price is $59.99 or less.  You can even select a pre-order game, our last winner chose to have a game that doesn’t come out until August 2012 ordered for their winning entry.

So pick want you want to win, Diablo 3, The Secret World, Guild Wars 2, Max Payne 3?  You pick the game you want to win!

This contest is open to anyone anywhere, but I can only buy/ship the game to someone in the U.S. if you win from International I will paypal you the value of the game in cash instead of sending you the game.

Enter to win a video game of your choice from now!

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-Dragon Blogger

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