Micro Sponsors Wanted for March Contests

Looking to toss a few contests in March and looking for micro-sponsors who want to reap a huge amount of benefit from little investment.  You will find few sponsorships that provide this level of return on investment.

What is a Micro Sponsor:

Rather than asking for hundreds of dollars in sponsorship and getting a very limited number of sponsors, I am asking for micro-sponsors.  These sponsorships come with a set rate of $20.

Sponsorship funding will be used to help promote contests, purchase prizes and shipping overhead to send prizes to the winners.

I run 2-3 contests per month on DragonBlogger.com and here are some of my previous contest results:


My contests collect hundreds of Facebook and Twitter likes for sponsors:


What does your $20 sponsorship get you?

As a Contest Micro Sponsor your social media accounts (limit 2) get added to the next contest.   What this means is you get hundreds of followers and potential reader base and fans for your minor investment.  If you were to get 300 Facebook fans and 300 Twitter followers, this would be a .03 cents per follower investment but these are “real users” who choose to follow you and not bot accounts or purchased followers that you would get with Fiverr or any other service.

If you are interested in becoming a Micro Sponsor I am also giving a discount.  $50 will get you listed in the next 3 contests ($10 off) as well.

Fill out the form below if you want to become a micro sponsor for March contests here on Dragonblogger.com.

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-Dragon Blogger

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