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Welcome to the “Twenty-Tens”, which can also be referred to as “the age of the subscription box industry”. These days, one can get a subscription box for nearly anything, from pet supplies to nerdy toys, and the market is ever-increasing each year now, more and more. It’s fairly typical for folks to subscribe to these, as the business model is pretty solid: You pay a certain amount of money, in a pre-designated plan rate – which includes the shipping costs, and the company you’ve subscribed to sends you a package with a bunch of “stuff” in it. It’s like the modern-age grab-bag, and more-often-than-not the goodies are great!

modboxx-logo-full - RHS Custom 03 - 838x414 subscription boxSure, there are things that don’t cater to everyone all the time, and that’s to be expected. We are humans, after all (unless you’re an alien, dog, horse, etc., but then I highly doubt you’d even be reading this article anyway, haha), and we’re rather diverse. The key component, however, is that these sub boxes are geared toward niche markets, which definitely helps to narrow the field some. That being said, there are some markets which span practically the entire planet Earth, and the latest – and quite possibly the greatest – to hit this spectrum, is a little company called “ModBoxx”. Established in 2014, from an idea kicked around for a few years, ModBoxx is a subscription box service that  comes to you by one Travis Kolpack, a computer modder in-and-of-himself. It’s only befitting that a modder bring this to fruition, as this ensures that it mimics the FUBU business plan of “For Us, By Us”, and that’s how you know it’s going to work.

Who better to market a subscription box of modding supplies and product than someone who would use it themselves? Nobody, that’s who. One of the best parts of this, is that it’s not simply limited to modders, as it’s geared toward all PC builders as a whole! But, you don’t have to take my word for it, as I was able to get a quote directly from the man himself:

“Geared towards modders and PC builders around the globe, ModBoxx will include tools, safety equipment, accessories, collectibles, hardware, and custom one-off items.

Our goal is to provide a monthly box of inspiration, and for some, a monthly box of needed tools and safety equipment, to ensure modding gets done properly with safety in mind. We will also be including other items, like PC collectibles and custom one-off items, to keep each month interesting for subscribers. With that said, we want this monthly surprise box to spread the likes of modding across the globe, get more people involved in modding and building their own PCs, and get more brands globally recognized.

We are going to be working with great, well established companies we all like and love, but we will also be featuring selected smaller companies. To provide a further take on this, we will be providing subscribers with branded products from Nvidia, AMD, Corsair, ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, Thermaltake, Primochill, Monsoon, MNPCTECH, ModBunker/Lutro0 Customs, Maximum Ordnance PCs, Overkill PCS, EKWB, AlphaCool, Swiftech, Mayhems, and many, many more! Overall, this will be a service similar to Loot Crate or Nerd Block. The issue I have seen with these companies, is the area they cover in each month is wide-spread. That leaves abit more room to disappoint. We believe that, by gearing it towards a more unique industry in that of Custom PC Building and PC Modding, we have a much smaller chance of disappointing. PC gear is just that – PC gear. Sure, everyone has their personal favorite companies, but on a broader spectrum, there really aren’t any Star Wars Vs. Star Trek or Marvel Vs. DC cutthroat battles in the modding and PC building realm.

Currently, we are in the pre-ordering stage. This is to ensure proper numbers while we acquire supplies, products, and other business-related items. Pre-orders will run until mid-February, 2015. This first run of ModBoxxes will be sent out sometime in mid-March, 2015. As for cost, this has been the hardest to project and downright mind-boggling. We want to provide great and exciting products each and every month, so the initial monthly price will be a bit higher than other currently-available subscription services. The only real difference, is we won’t be providing any cheap, gimmicky filler products. Everything will be of great quality and also, from well-known and respected companies.

The current pre-order subscription prices are:

$25 – Monthly Subscription Level for US Residents.

$35 – Monthly Subscription Level for Non-US Residents.

$75 – 3 Month Subscription Level for US Residents.

$85 – 3 Month Subscription Level for Non-US Residents.

$150 – 6 Month Subscription Level for US Residents.

$160 – 6 Month Subscription Level for Non-US Residents.

These prices are guaranteed for the first year, as well just for subscribing early. If you, by chance, miss out on the pre-order pricing, no need to worry. The prices will have a slight increase, but nothing major. We will keep ModBoxx as affordable and worthwhile as possible. We will also be including some bonus items exclusive to members that pre-order. These are to include – but are not limited to – custom radiator grills and a one-off custom t-shirt. Another thing we are doing is an EPIC end of the year giveaway. Each level of subscription will be equal to a specific number of entries: 1 for monthly level, 3 for 3 month level, and 6 for 6 month level. EPIC is maybe, in short, an understatement for what’s planned. The year end prize will be valued at an estimated $1,500.00!”

modboxx-indiegogo-box subscription box - use in article

They also currently have a promotional video, which helps to explain it better as well:

The countdown clock is active, right now, over at They are also currently running an IndieGoGo page to gain funding for this, which is basically you just pre-paying for your subscription(s) the same as you would with any other subscription box service, and they also have well-designed Facebook and Twitter  social media sites as well. I highly suggest that, if this is something you may be interested in, either as a PC builder or modder (modding doesn’t just span the PC industry, as modification is something that most everyone does just about every day of their lives anyway – PC modding is just the primary focus here), you should most definitely join in on this if you can, and especially keep an eye out. There’s no telling what kind of awesome will be announced from here on!

Until next time, I’m Ronald DMNKLR Smith, and I want to know what you want to know about. ;)

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