Monitive Website Monitoring Service Giveaway

I had been experiencing some site outages the other week and was researching web site monitoring services when I came across Monitive.

Right off the bat Monitive lets you setup a basic monitoring on your site for free with no cost involved, you just head right over and start your monitor.


The free plan gives you 1 alert that can run every 10 minutes, which is fine for noticing if your site has a massive outage, but for sites where every minute counts you want something that informs you immediately if your site has a confirmed outage.

You also want a service that will ping and test your site from various locations across the globe to isolate any potential “misreads” from a single location.  This is where Monitive shines in it’s packages, you get tests that not only confirm your site is up but also show you the response times from various ping servers across the globe.


It just so happened that within 2 days of signing up for Monitive, I had a fairly big outage on and was able to capture it for use in this review.


Outage captured in real time

After an outage is over, you can always see when your previous outages were and drill down into detailed reports.



Setting Up Monitive

When you sign up for one of the Monitive website monitoring plans you get piece of mind that you will get an email or SMS page when your site has an outage so you can be on top of it to help minimize the disruption to readers.

Imagine how critical having your site up is for eCommerce sites or sites that sell products/services?  Each minute of downtime costs you potential revenue.

With Monitive you can get a plan that monitors 2 URL’s for $1.99 per month and this allows for unlimited email notifications, weekly reports, up to 10 SMS pages per month and monitoring that is done every minute.

To setup a monitoring service just go to your account and click “add new monitoring service” fill out the information and monitoring interval.  Note that you should choose 5 minutes or less if you want to keep track of an outage right away.  30 minutes or hourly intervals may not even catch an outage if it was a short one or you may have a longer outage before being notified.


You can configure email alerts, Twitter DM’s or SMS text alerts if your site reports single test failure or require 3 consecutive tests have failed before reporting an outage.  For those who only care about long term outages you can have it suppress the notification until the site has been down at least 30 minutes.  This is a good option if you do any planned maintenance and you can temporarily suppress or delay the outage notifications.

Get Your Monitive Plan Discount

Here at we have teamed up with Monitive the makers of a reliable and fully featured website monitoring service to not only bring to you a contest where 3 winners will be chosen but also to offer a special discount coupon which will give you 20% of any pricing package from Monitive.

Just select a Monitive pricing package that suits your business or blog monitoring needs and enter code: dragonb2011 at the checkout which will take 20% off the purchase price.

This discount code is only good until August 26th 2011, so make sure you signup for your Website monitoring now!

Monitive Website Monitoring Giveaway

In addition to the great discount code offered above, we are hosting a contest where we are giving away 3 Monitive Website Monitoring packages.

1st Place – 1 Winner will receive a 9 month Monitive PRO Plan Package ($45 value)

2nd Place – 1 Winner will receive a 6 month Monitive PRO plan package ($30 value)

3rd Place – 1 Winner will receive a 3 month Monitive PRO plan package ($15 value)

Monitive Website Monitoring Giveaway contest runs until August 25th 2011 at 11:59pm AZ time.  Winner will be notified within 3 days of winning the contest.  Winner will be chosen by adding up all entries in a list form and using list randomizer to select the 3 winners on top.

How to Enter the Contest

First, all participates who want to enter to win a free Monitive Pro Plan package a required to setup a free Monitive account.  This is because your free account will need to be “upgraded” to a PRO package by the Monitive staff.  So step 1 is to CREATE A FREE MONITIVE account.  Just click on the link and sign up.

Contest Entries

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So you can get a total of 9 entries in this contest, I really think you will find that Monitive provides all the website monitoring you will need for your websites or blogs.

-Dragon Blogger

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