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I am always looking for Guest Bloggers for so others can help showcase and reach a broader audience and in turn my own site can feature and showcase a greater amount of content diversity and writing styles.  I have had guest bloggers have posts reach thousands of pageviews a month with well written articles that grabbed both attention and fans of their writing and work.

So I became a fan of My Blog Guest, which is a forum site to bring bloggers who are looking to host guests as well as become guest authors on other blogs together.


My Blog Guest was an idea created by Ann Smarty and you can learn more about her and the purpose of My Blog Guest from Ann Smarty’s Interview over at Murray Newlands Blog.  I can tell you that within a day of posting a request for guest bloggers in the forum, I had 6-8 people interested in not only writing one article but joining as regular guest writers for  Many of these are bloggers who run popular blogs already well known, respected and visited by thousands of people every month.

One benefit to including guest articles on your site is to bring in readership from fans of the guest author, they will typically promote their guest post which can bring in more traffic and the traffic exchange works both ways.  Readers of your site may follow the author on their own site after becoming a fan of their article as well.


The site is your typical forum except that the messaging system is better than most forums I have been on and the PM system is very email like with the back and forth.  One unique thing about the My Blog Guest is how you can add articles to a gallery which can auto publish on other blogs which have connected and allowed remote publishing through My Blog Guest.  This is a really nice feature which I haven’t actually tried yet and am going to look into in the next week, so far the people who have requested guest posts on my site have all done so through private messaging even though I setup an auto publish and linked it to a guest author account on  But with the Articles Gallery you can find guest articles written and put into the system by authors and make offers to publish them on your own blogs but I will provide a warning here:

Most of the articles I have seen in the gallery are “advertiser” articles where there are links in the byline to an advertisers website, these typically are “dofollow” which is the primary reason why advertisers do guest posts.  If you don’t choose properly and choose articles in your niche and that link to decent quality sites (use Web of Trust to check a site integrity) then you may lose your PageRank by linking to advertiser sites from your own.  So use some judgment here and also know that most of these articles are not likely to be unique to your site only, which means the same content can compete on others sites in the SERP rankings.

The system allows you to list blogs which you are looking for guest articles for free, and you can offer them to articles in the  articles gallery for free, but to create articles and offer them out to other bloggers by displaying them in the marketplace requires you to pay the monthly subscription fee of $20 per month to My Blog Guest.  The monthly subscription also allows the features for direct publishing both for receiving articles and submitting them to other bloggers sites, it is a real value for guest authors and in fact My Blog Guest is a much better deal for advertisers looking to shop around guest articles than because for $20 per month you may get dozens of sites publishing your guest article rather than paying on  a per site basis.  Some blogs can also offer to host a guest article for a price, but this is something not handled as a transaction system by My Blog Guest and I don’t know if this is prevalent.  In general I think the system is designed for bloggers to host articles for free gaining the content in exchange for the advertiser having a few links out.

Bottom Line, if you are looking for guest authors for your blog My Guest Blog is one site to heavily consider, I am a big fan!

-Dragon Blogger

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