My First Withdrawal from Sponsored Tweets

I hit a milestone last week which was finally reaching $50 on my SponsoredTweets earning, this is the minimum amount you have to earn before you can withdraw the funds into your Paypal account. Now I had signed up for sponsored tweets almost half a year ago and it did take 133 days to reach my first $50 dollars in earnings, but more than 70% of the earnings came from the last thirty days. My twitter following has almost tripled in the past year and I am now just over 3000 followers.

SponsoredTweets is a great way to monetize your twitter profile and earn a little bit by promoting some products and services on twitter that you yourself either find useful or like enough that you are comfortable promoting. Remember to use the quality rule when choosing whether to accept or deny an opportunity, make sure you visit the sponsors website and make sure it is a product or service that you are comfortable promoting. If you don’t like the service yourself then don’t promote it to your twitter following, you risk hurting your reputation and risk losing your credibility which is worth far more than the price of the sponsorship.

To qualify for SponsoredTweets you only need a twitter account that is 60 days old and has at least 100 followers, it is recommended you build up and use a twitter account often and not just as a new feed, you must have interactive communication and develop a following where people click on your links and you have interaction with your followers. If you are interested in giving it a try, just sign up with my affiliate banner at the top of the post.

-Dragon Blogger

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