My Little Pony Season 4 Previews from SDCC Panel

mlp_logobig2The team behind The Hub’s animated series My Little Pony are currently releasing several season 4 previews and spoilers during their SDCC panel. Room 25ABC is teeming with excitement over several of the revelations posted below.

All previews mentioned here are being updated live.  Sources for these updates include @HubTVNetwork, @realafterglow (blog), and several other show panelists or attendees from the The Round Stable as well Equestria Daily.  Video and images of the panel can be found at the bottom of the article.

Songs and Musical Themed Episodes

My Little Pony’s musical genius Daniel Ingram revealed that season 4 will be jam packed with songs. The tally he mentioned ranged from as high as 15-20 brand new songs. Naturally Pinkie Pie, the most musically inclined of the Mane 6, will have an entire musical episode devoted to her. For instance, she will share a duet with Applejack in the Apple Family number titled “Apples Forever”. However, the most interesting bit of news for the fans is that characters who have not previously sang any songs will get their chance to shine such as Luna and DJ Pon-3.

Character Centered News from Season 4

  • As mentioned above Pinkie Pie will have some significant attention to her character’s backstory. One bombshell that stands out is that one of Pinkie’s sisters (unclear if it will be Marble Pie or Limestone Pie) will make an appearance in season 4.
  • Meghan McCarthy confirmed that Rarity will finally get another episode that is focused on her.
  • Luna will make an appearance as Nightmare Moon again. The video clip below indicates that it is most likely some sort of time travel sequence or flashback.
  • Scootaloo’s parents may actually be living.  Just because they have not been on screen does not mean they are not alive.
  • Derpy will still continue to play a background role and it does not seem that she will have a large focus in any episodes.
  • In regards to future alicorns, McCarthy joked, “By the time I’m done, all of Equestria will be alicorns.”
  • Babs Seed will not be making any appearances in season 4.
  • Mike Vogel promised Zecora fans that she will return in the upcoming season.
  • Scootaloo may try out for the Equestria Games.  Diamond Tiara and company most likely will try to demoralize her.
  • Pinkie will meet a pony that will try to out-party her.
  • Spike is going to have equal parts fun and discomfort in the upcoming season.

Other My Little Pony Season 4 News

  • Certain references will appear from Equestria Girls in season 4.
  • A new villain is going to be introduced to the My Little Pony universe.
  • There will be a superhero parody episode that will take place in Maretropolis.
  • My Little Pony is now airing in around 170 countries including Estonia.

Animatic Previews

My Little Pony animatic season 4 previews were shown for Scootaloo, the planned superhero episode, the Applejack family song, and Luna’s re-transformation into Nightmare Moon.

Media from the SDCC Panel

Major credit is owed to Kelly Edmonds for filming the entire SDCC My Little Pony panel and OrangeyBlueInk for capturing a video of all the animatics.

Entire Panel Video

Animatics Video

My Little Pony Season 4
Apple family song cinematic revealed to the crowd from My Little Pony Season 4. Image Credit: @realafterglow (blog)
My Little Pony Season 4
Another animatic from the show revealed to the crowd from My Little Pony Season 4. Image Credit: @realafterglow (blog)
My Little Pony Season 4
Image Credit: PictishBeast (See more from: The Round Stable)
My Little Pony Season 4
Image Credit: PictishBeast (See more from: The Round Stable)
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