MyLikes Introduces Paid YouTube Videos

MyLikes just recently updated and now allows you to charge advertisers to create YouTube video’s for their products and services.  This is great news for finding a way to monetize your YouTube social network in addition to your Twitter profile through MyLikes.

Once you sign up for MyLikes, or if you haven’t sign in for a while you will be asked to set your “price per video” this is the price an advertiser hires you to create a YouTube video for their product or service.  You can also write a description for your Video offering and the same categories you choose for your Twitter profile apply to both YouTube and Twitter.

Earn Money on Twitter with MyLikesMyLikes is a fantastic program to earn money with your Twitter account, I have blogged about the program with my own MyLikes Review and how it works.  I set my video price for $20 just to test out the service and see if there are any takers, this is less than 1/2 as much as I normally charge for doing a video product review, so if interested hire me quick since I only have it so low so I can review doing sponsored video’s through MyLikes.

So if you haven’t joined MyLikes yet you might want to join and see what the service is all about and if you have a fairly active and prolific Twitter profile you can make yourself some money on Twitter with MyLikes.

I haven’t actually done a video campaign yet, but am eager to test it out and try it.  What do my fellow readers think about the new MyLikes offering for paying for sponsored YouTube video’s?

For those of you who missed my MyLikes Video Review, you can watch it here where I demonstrate MyLikes and show you how it works:

-Dragon Blogger

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