MyLikes Turning to Crap?

Daniel over at talks about his Frustration with MyLikes and the fact that poor quality advertisers are dominating the marketplace which only encourages people to risk reputation for the sake of a few bucks.  I agree with him completely that MyLikes used to have many quality advertisers but seems like only the junk ones are there lately.  Last month I even paid into the system as an advertiser to promote selling the Roku XDS from my Amazon affiliate, (hey its a product I truly believe in) but my $20 didn’t net me a sale, only a few hundred clicks and retweets.

SponsoredTweets by far has higher quality advertisers (not the CPC ones, they are low quality) but the Advertisers who hire Twitter users directly, you get to accept or reject and usually get paid (I make $2 per tweet) instead of worrying about cost per click.    IZEA takes the time to better screen advertisers who pay into their system than some of the other "make money online" companies I have seen.


MyLikes still has potential, but there needs to be a review process I think by the staff to determine if the product is quality or not.  Since there is none, it is up to the blogger to choose quality advertisers, there needs to be a MyLikes rating system where users can rate positive or negative the offers, so that poor quality ones can be driven down and possibly rejected and thereby allowing quality ones to exist.  This may be the only way to help weed out the poor quality advertisements in the MyLikes offer area.

What is your opinion of MyLikes, how would you improve the service?

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