Need a Google Wave Invite?

Dragon Blogger is a little late to the game with the Google Wave thing, but I finally got in.  The one thing I like is that once you sign up for Google Wave, you get to give out 8 free invites to your friends.  I have decided to give away all 8 Google Wave invites to my readers who want them.  If you are interested in receiving a free Google Wave invite all you have to do is “subscribe via RSS” and leave a comment.   Rather than give away the 8 invites to the first 8 people I will instead turn this into a contest and give away 8 invites to the chosen winners.  Winners will be chosen at random on Monday December 21st.

First let me tell you a bit about Google Wave from my point of view.  Google Wave appears to be a seamless integration of email and instant message combining the features of Gmail and something like Office Communicator into one website. The fact is you can also send video, audio inside your messages to your friends on Google Wave and it has the potential to be a fantastic communication tool, but the problem is I don’t know anybody using it so I have nobody to really talk to and test it out to experience its full potential.

It isn’t designed for communicating with an audience like Twitter, Facebook and other micro blogging sites are, it is more designed for communication with closer family and friends where you can have detailed conversations like email from my initial impression of it. I don’t know if it will eventually tie into other services, and I will look forward to learning more about the communication tool as it becomes more pervasive in the online community.

Winners of the Google Wave invite:

Dennis Edell

I have sent out all 8 invites and have none left, so I am closing comments in this post.

-Dragon Blogger