Negotiate Your Price on PayPerPost

PayPerPost released one of the most beneficial updates the other night that helps both bloggers and advertisers make the deal. First when an Advertiser generates leads to see which bloggers may be interested in their opportunity, the lead generation now lists the price that the advertiser was willing to pay for the opportunity. Then as a blogger you have the choice to accept the bloggers opp at the advertisers price, reject the opportunity outright or the new option which is negotiate.

When you choose the negotiate button you are presented with a field where you list the price you are willing to do the opportunity for, this now lets the advertiser decide whether they will hire you at the price you specified or not. This allows bloggers to let advertisers know that you would do the opportunity, they just didn’t offer enough for your services with the initial lead generation. This new feature will allow bloggers to potentially earn a little more money for some opportunities that would otherwise be rejected outright.

This also allows advertisers to know if they are underpaying for their opps, if they have many bloggers making negotiations it may mean they have set their initial rate too low and need to raise it a little.

Either way, any feature that provides more options to the bloggers is a good one and I welcome this new functionality of PayPerPost.

-Dragon Blogger

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