Odd PHP Problem with My New Hosting Provider

Since cutting over to HostMonster my tabs.php which is what controls the little top right box on this blog isn’t working.  You can click on any of the tabs and they simply don’t work.  It worked fine on my old hosting provider and I am unable to figure out what went wrong with the conversion.  I am using the exact same theme files and I don’t notice anything specifically wrong, if there is something wrong it would be in the variables of the PHP not interpreting right on Hostmonster.

I have opened a support case with Hostmonster, but I realize this is likely to be a Theme issue and they may not provide me with support.  If this is the case I am stuck with the dilemna of finding a new theme for DragonBlogger.com after I have been using this theme for almost two years.  I have modified it as much as I could considering the functions.php and footer.php are encrypted because it is a free theme and not subject to modification.  If I have to get a new theme I think I am going to just purchase the Thesis theme and be done with it, finding free themes is nice but they all have issues when you want to modify them or they require tacky “ad links”.  I don’t mind the ones that give credit to the author, but this theme for example has a bunch of ad links in it that I am forbidden to remove (they are part of the theme and the links are hidden in the footer.php part of the theme which is encrypted).

I was very partial to this theme and I have always liked the White text and black background look, it stands out from a traditional white blog with black text and I thought it fit my DragonBlogger.com persona really well.  I also just shelled out most of my blog earnings to a new 32″ LCD TV that I bought to replace one that broke down, so if I have to purchase Thesis it won’t be until March.


The support folks at HostMonster went above and beyond in their support here, they actually went through all of my themes php files and found m IZEARanks script was causing the tabs to break.  A quick scan and I realized that my line of code was missing the </script> at the end of the line and once I appended this the entire problem was resolved.  I have only been with HostMonster for about 9 days and the support has been nothing but superb each and every time so far.

-Dragon Blogger

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