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I had installed the OnlyWire code on several months ago and forgot to follow up with a review until now.  OnlyWire is a service which allows you to connect dozens of social networking / article submission sites into your OnlyWire account and this allows you to "blast" your blog posts to all your "bookmark sites" in one shot.


You never again have to manually submit an article to Digg, Reddit, Propeller, Twitter, Mixx, Delicious…etc again.  One submission and your article gets sent to all of these networks in a matter of minutes.

You can track this by going to your my submissions tab:image

If you decide to install OnlyWire on your site, you can use it for free as long as you add an OnlyWire submission badge on your website.  OnlyWire installs on your blog with one simple snippet of code that you can manually place in your single.php file after your post content code:

   1: <?php the_content('Read more...'); ?>

   2: <script type="text/JavaScript" class="owbutton" src="">


You can use this OnlyWire button as a way for your readers to submit your article to their favorite services as well as for you to submit your own articles.

OnlyWire also has a PC client that installs on your desktop which provides you with access to your OnlyWire bookmarks, directly submit URL’s and articles as well as delegate the functionality to other users on your desktop if you are using OnlyWire in your company and delegating social media submissions to specific users or employees.

Other ways to submit your content to a vast network of social network sites include:

What are your favorite methods to submit your articles to the various social bookmarking and submission directories?

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Justin Germino
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