Optimize SEO For Every Post with SEOPressor WordPress Plugin

Only recently did I discover this plugin online after trying to find ways of improving the SEO of my own articles. I had been using Greg’s High Performance WordPress SEO Plugin to replace my All in One SEO Pack and it does do a better job and provide better performance. I still wanted something that did more than just optimize SEO in the META TITLE, DESCRIPTION and KEYWORDS tags.

Optimize WordPress SEO

This is where SEOPressor plugin for WordPress comes in, and a plugin like this isn’t free but is worth the money. I don’t spend my blog earnings on just anything and have only actually purchased two WordPress plugins in the past two years of blogging. This is one that I consider worth spending the $47 for a single site license or $97 for unlimited site license on. (Since I own 3 blogs and administrate another 5, it is far more cost efficient to purchase the multisite license).

This plugin allows you to enter what keywords you are targeting, then it shows you in a % how well your post is optimized for those keywords. In addition it will provide recommendations on what you can do to your post to optimize it better for those keywords. This is where the plugin really shines, it tells you to put tags, alt image text…etc and what to do to help improve your SEO for your chosen keywords. The developer did a video demonstration, and the information provided is very good:

Optimize your WordPress SEO

There are other sites and software that do similar things, but nothing beats having an SEO Optimization plugin for WordPress that can be run and triggered right from your WordPress dashboard so you can quickly and easily make corrections or enhancements to better optimize your posts.

As a blogger or web site owner you are responsible for making sure all of your content is as sculpted as possible to ensure you get the best SERP rankings possible. SEOPressor plugin for WordPress is one tool for your SEO arsenal that is worth investing in in my opinion.

And yes, the links in this post are my affiliate links to the plugin, so if you enjoy the plugin go ahead and tell your readers about it and maybe it can pay for itself in affiliate earnings.

-Dragon Blogger

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