Partner with Brands for Sponsored Content with #Markerly

Markerly is an influencer marketing platform that helps connect brands with bloggers so that they can enjoy doing sponsored content, get some compensation and share the brands they love with their audience.  Markerly also works with brands to provide products for bloggers to review, these can be products for everyone from food bloggers to tech bloggers.

Unlike most NET30 Payout systems, Markerly pays bloggers within 48 hours of their posts publishing live so  you don’t have to wait 30 or 45 days to actually withdraw your earnings for the work you did. In addition you get 24×7 blogger support from the Markerly team to help you if you have trouble with content requirements or have issues with anything.

With Markerly you get paid to write sponsored content and partner with top brands including Levi’s, eMeals, Jaybird which are just an example.

Markerly also has a unique tracking system that uses a heat map on your Markerly post giving you full analytics to see which links and where in your post is providing the most frequent clicks.  This will help you tailor your links for future articles and know which sections of your post are driving clicks, or which specific keywords are grabbing your audience.


Markerly is open to any blogger whose site gets 10,000 pageviews a month and has an average of 3 comments per post.  As they partner for influencer marketing and branding, campaigns go beyond a simple post and you engage your audience on social media, you may share your article and brand on Google Plus, Facebook and/or Twitter a few times in a month to complete a campaign.

Read a recent press release about Markerly gaining 600k in seed funding to help further develop their platform and bring influencers and companies together with campaigns.

Campaigns and influencer sponsorship are the future of sponsored blogging, they are more effective for advertisers looking to increase brand awareness and gain more attention and generally bring better payments to bloggers.  As long as bloggers choose advertisers they themselves are willing to publicly endorse and stand behind their products personally there is no reason not to consider gaining a little extra income from your site with a brand partnership during a campaign.

Sign up for Markerly today and start earning a little more on your blog by partnering with big name brands in campaigns and become part of the growing influencer marketing trend.

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