Patriot Viper Elite DDR4 8GB / 16GB 3000MHz Dual Channel Kit Review

Final Thoughts


Memory as we can see, and I am sure as many of you have already know can really change the performance of a PC for all users, Mac’s too.  The tiniest of settings off can make it perform not so well or not perform at all.  I was sent two Dual Channel kits, and while they worked fine together at default XMP 1.0 settings, they would not overclock at all. I can’t blame them for that since all 4 sticks in a Quad Channel kit are tested together, there is no way they can test together two dual channel kits and even if they did, there is no telling that I would get a kit that had been tested together.  I would have been upset if a Quad Channel kit did not overclock, the review would have failed.

There is only 1 XMP Profile here, it works but it only has that one configuration, not something that would affect the overall score though. The smaller heatshields is a plus for me since it lets you plug it in anywhere, and it’s a nice looking design though the VIPER logo to me is a bit basic.  Aside from function, which of course is very important, the pricing is aggressively low, that is great for us all.


  • Low profile heat spreaders
  • Low voltage
  • High Memory Frequency
  • Solid and Stable
  • Great pricing
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Only comes in red and silver, no color options
  • Only 1 XMP Profile
  • Does not come in a Quad Channel Kit for 16Gig

Aggressively good pricing for a dual channel kit.  The heat spreaders come slightly over the PCB, so if you have a tight space for RAM, this is a good option for you.  The color is a preference though I prefer blue, others may or may not like it but it will not affect the rating.

The memory is solid, overclocks like a champ and has headroom for more in Dual Channel; I was not able to test the overclocks in Quad Channel but I explained why above.  The memory runs great, has great pricing, low profile and low voltages sided with high frequencies and a lifetime warranty, there is nothing wrong I find that can affect the overall score.

I give this memory a 5 out of 5 and Editors Choice.  I can’t wait to see what they can do with a Quad Channel kit.


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